Leasing Life / Motor Finance (part of the Verdict network of titles)

Senior Reporter (May 2018—Present)
Reporter (Sep 2017—April 2018)

Covered commercial and retail banking, small– and big–ticket leasing, private equity, LBOs, consumer finance, automotive markets, alternative mobility, automotive companies, credit regulation and the economic environment at large.

Focused on UK and EU markets, with regular coverage of global developments and globally. Regularly interviewed senior figures in financial services industry in the UK and abroad.

Freelance journalist

August 2016 – present

Contributed to a range of titles, including Undark, The Technoskeptic, The Italian Insider and Raddington Report.

Areas of interest include geopolitics, technology and society, economics, urban policy and research.


MA in International Journalist, Cardiff University (Sep ‘16 – May ‘17)

Courses (selected): financial reporting, insurgency and conflict reporting, media theory, magazine production, photojournalism, live-blogging, sub-editing.

Final project: feature series on the Chernobyl incident’s legacy and civil society in Belarus. Included on-the-field research and interviews with activists, researchers and opposition figures.

BA in Philosophy, Sapienza – Università di Roma (Sep 2013 – Jul 2016)

Courses (selected): history and theory of science, financial markets theory, Einsteinian and quantum physics, ethics and multiculturalism, political philosophy, criminology, sociology.